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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Troy, New York

BS in Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication, May 2008
Software Skills
  • Scripting & Programming: Python – PyQt – MEL – C++ – Linux: shell(tcsh)
  • Frameworks: Maya C++/Python/MEL API – Nuke Python API -
    Qube (qb) Python API – Shake Macros – Renderman RSL
  • CG Software: Maya – Nuke – Shake – Mental Ray – Renderman – VRay – Adobe After Effects
  • Other Tools: CVS – Git – SVN – Qube – Rush – RV
Work Experience

Motion Capture Pipeline Developer

Weta Digital

May ’13 – Present
  • Ongoing development of Weta’s motion capture pipeline.
  • Support stage operators and trackers.

Pipeline Developer


July ’11 – April ’13
  • Built awesome Maya tools & plug-ins with Python, C++, and PyQt including:
    • A Scene Builder for rebuilding & propagating shot settings including layouts, animation caches, and render layers across entire sequences.
    • A powerful and flexible next-gen Attr Presets system capable of saving & applying presets across hierarchies & connections, rebuilding nodes, and regenerating whole networks.
    • A Resource Tracker node for managing assets or light rigs with support for intelligent asset swapping, version tracking & locking, auto-updating, and more.
  • Replaced Maya’s MEL-based AETemplating system with an exponentially more powerful PyQt-based system.
  • Designed and implemented front-end PyQt-based UIs for ease, intuitiveness, and productivity.
  • Assisted animators and artists with troubleshooting tools and shots.
  • Documented tools and APIs. Use epydoc commenting format to auto-generate docs.

Commercial TD

Radium / Reel FX

Oct ’10 – June ’11
  • Together with a counterpart TD in Dallas, worked to redesign and improve the Commercial pipeline with tools such as:
    • A powerful new Render Dispatch and Management tool for VRay that supported remote & distributed rendering, notification via email & texting, and metadata injection
    • A Sweatbox system for submitting/reviewing artist work. Connected with RV for playback.
    • A Nuke toolset for loading and managing sequences. Included a browser for finding new renders and a Read node that notified the artist when new versions became available.
  • Provided support for artists, which involved troubleshooting their files & renders, writing tools for specific tasks & projects, and training them on the various new toolsets.

Assistant TD


2010 CG film

Walt Disney Animation Studios

July ’10 – Oct ’10
  • As part of the Lighting Team, took shots to completion through the 2k and Stereo Pipeline.
  • Handled troubleshooting of difficult renders.
  • Prior to joining the Lighting Team, worked on tools as required by the production.

Talent Development TD

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Feb ’10 – Aug ’10
  • Recruited to participate in the Disney Talent Development program to hone skills as a Technical Director on a large production.
  • Trained in production support, shader writing, and tool development by experienced mentors.
  • Attracted strong interest from Disney leadership with an innovative new concept piece that blended traditional animation with CG & Stereo and was developed with eight other trainees.

Lighter / Compositor / TD

Doodle Pictures Studio

Sep ’09 – Feb ’10
  • Lit and composited various promotional CG shots intended for LEGO’s TV advertising, web distribution, and the Toys’R'Us display in Times Square.
  • Wrote scripts for pipeline and general support.

Lighting TD / Stereoscopy Lead

Molecules to the Max!

2009 CG IMAX film

Nanotoon Entertainment

June ’07 – Aug ’09
  • Primary developer of in-house techniques used to transform the recently completed IMAX movie, Molecules to the Max!, into a stereoscopic film, including a 2D-to-3D conversion method that saved the production at least three months of render time.
  • Wrote Maya tools for the animation, lighting, and rendering pipelines.
  • Developed in-house IBL solution to render reflections and refractions from complex particle system environments quickly.

Intern / Production Assistant

MTVN Creative Services Video

Jan. ’07 – May ’07
  • Promoted from Intern to PA based on outstanding performance.
  • Leveraged experience with particles, expressions, and scripting in Maya to create a set of elements and backgrounds to potentially be used for upcoming events.
  • Provided assistant editing and project support.